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Once a Year: Folklore in Britain Now

homer-sykes-once-a-yearOnce a Year: Folklore in Britain Now
Homer Sykes
Café Royal Books


28 pages
140×200 mm
ISBN: Not available


Published in 1977, Once a Year: Some Traditional British Customs by Homer Sykes, is a very scarce, influential and sought after British photobook.
Once a Year: 1970s Folklore in Britain, published by Café Royal in Autumn 2013 (now out-of-print) re-presented selected images from that book, in a new context and a much smaller print run. The book continues the theme, bringing up-to-date a project that began nearly four decades ago.

Freelance photographer in the early 1970s, Homer Sykes worked for magazines such as The Observer, The Telegraph, Time or Newsweek Magazine, covering the conflicts in the Middle East or Northern Ireland. But it is to his own country he quickly turned, questioning the customs and British customs. The first twenty years of his career were for him a true immersion in daily life, folklore and mutations of UK crisis in a society beset by doubt and reinventing itself through a pop-rock culture.

A weekly photographic publication focusing broadly on aspects of change (usually within the UK), Café Royal Books, founded in 2005, is an independent publisher based in the North West of England.