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Shooting from Inside

‘Shooting from Inside’
Edited by Lina Pallotta; designed by Sarah Carlet
Officene Fotografiche Roma


32 pages
240 x 170 mm

This photobook is an encapsulation of a course led by the 2018 class of Biennale School of Photography’s Masters in Contemporary Photojournalism program. It is aimed at students who intend to dedicate themselves to the realization of long-term projects. The action of the course starts from a precise question: How to transform an idea into an image and into a story?

The consequent reflection on each individual work and the collective discussion in class will focus on a critical analysis of the various formal, social, political, emotional and psychological elements, as well as on the examination of the role of images in relation to communicative contexts and problems linked to the contemporary discourse of visual representation.

The challenge is the creation of images that have their own visual specificity with a strong and intimate human imprint where the user is invited to enter, to participate. Recognizing oneself in one’s photographs starts that process of subjective narrative setup, in which the author witnesses his own relationship with the world and participates in the chaos that surrounds us.

Image selection and sequence building consolidate the content and implement personal visual narratives. Every single project will be examined and evaluated with a view to combining the most appropriate formal narrative to the theme: subjective report, documentary, story-telling, photo-diary. The work methodology starts from the critical analysis of the images produced, from the broad and collective discussion on the narrative potential of the same and on the sequence. The critical vision of the works of other photographers serves to broaden the knowledge of the visual medium and the contemporary possibilities of use and diffusion it offers. The cycle of lessons will be enriched by the presence of industry guests who inspire and stimulate us to open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of the medium.


About the Publisher

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