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The Precursor Project – Chapter I: Paris

The Precursor Project, Chapter I – ParisThe Precursor Project: Paris
Kate O’Neill and Nick Isden
Self – Published

35 pages
38 plates, 22 colour, 16 black and white
ISBN: n/a


“The Precursor Project (TPP) is an ongoing photographic archive project where we investigate the precursor moments leading up to (but not of) terrorist attacks using different photographic processes.

Founded by photographers Kate O’Neill and Nick Isden, the archive aims to educate us on the global community and improve our social conscience. By using existing images from contributing photographers, we will hopefully showcase when the unremarkable becomes the remarkable and how -in todays society- we document the world around us.

We will develop this project in chapters, using and identifying different photographic moments that document the precursor stages leading to these historic and detrimental events. Over the coming years we will collect images from pro and amateur photographers of the hours and days preluding a specific incident.”
– from The Precursor Project website

About the Artists:
Photographer by trade, Kate O’Neill has been working in the photography industry for over 10 years from shooting her own work to assisting fashion and fine art photographers across the UK & Ireland. Co-founder and director of TheOGC and currently marketing manager at Metro Imaging, she is embedded in the heart of the photographic community, supporting and encouraging emerging and existing artists.

Nick Isden is an award winning freelance editorial, travel and documentary photographer currently based in London, UK. He focuses on humanitarian and social issues in the UK and overseas working individually and with NGOs. His work is sensitive and subtle and mixes historical references with current affairs.