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Kate O'Neill, Eternal LightEternal Light
Kate O’Neill

54 pages
148×210 mm


54 page zine turned book, full colour with photographs, drawings and writing. The theme is the apocalypse and death and her thoughts on the subject. Also shown is the artwork for the ‘World’s End’ EP, presented free with the zine in its original format and made available for separate purchase.


“Katie O Neill’s photographic perception on the surface appears innocuous as her images emerge serene in calm suffused light. Yet there is an underlying fearful narrative in these scenes, disrupting their tranquil exterior finish. In “Wake Up“ a grey concrete wall is inscribed with black writing admonishing us to wake up and beneath this in gaudy pink, is the proclamation,”we are damned”. We are confronted with a message that warns us of foreboding events but too late the prophecy went unheeded and all perished. The artist becomes an oracle searching for signs and portents of disaster that go unnoticed, trying to interpret their potential significance.” Read the Kate O’Neill Eternal Light.