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Any Lonely Person Write to Ponsonby



Any Lonely Person Write to Ponsonby

Harvey Benge

28 pages
180×230 mm
ISBN: Not available


The photographs in this series were made in the early years of the1970’s. At that time I exposed over 200 rolls of black and white film in the Auckland suburbs of Parnell, Freemans Bay and Ponsonby. Also in Auckland’s central city. The period predated the rush of urban revitalization and gentrification that we see in Auckland today. The image of the cactus, strangely, was made in Warkworth and its sad spikey message resonated for me then as it still does today. The other 19 photographs in the series were chosen to capture the feeling of central Auckland as it was 40 years ago and to speak to the bizarre thought of lonely people coming to Ponsonby.

Benge lives and works between Auckland and Paris. His interest lies in the strange anthropology of cities, observing and making photographs of the unusual and overlooked in the human landscape where nothing is as it seems. He makes photographic series’ which evolve into bookworks. As well as this, Benge is also involved in curatorial projects and at Auckland’s AUT University ongoing photography workshops with international photographers and curators.

Harvey Benge’s photobooks are either commercially published photobooks or published under his own imprint FAQEDITIONS.