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The Woman With The Brown Hair


The Woman With The Brown Hair
Hristina Tasheva
Self Published


140 pages
290×140 mm
ISBN: Not available


With The Woman With The Brown Hair, or me and my informant, I am asking the questions: who is the migrant; how is she changing when living in a foreign country; where does she belong; where is home; if a migrant is mentally situated in-between two countries how does this in-between space look; how does her body respond to the in-betweenness and what are the surviving strategies; what are the parameters of the migrant’s ‘guilt’ towards parents and homeland; does she feel nostalgia and what will it mean to return home? Following the questions I’ve constructed a semi-fictional narrative in the form of a fairytale – a genre that provides me with the ability to combine the actuality of my experience as an immigrant and the information from the media with the visualisations of my imagination. This form of the story assumes the use of a comprehensible language that allows other people to mirror their knowledge and understandings on the subject. I have created a character, The Woman With The Brown Hair, who has the courage to oppose the negative identity that is given to her by media and politicians. She decides to step onto the road and to find out by herself who she is.

Hristina Tasheva was born in Varna, Bulgaria. She lives and works in The Netherlands.