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Timor RungurangaTimor Rungaranga - David Palazon
David Palazón
Languages: English, Tetun, Portugese, Indonesian, Italian, French, Spanish

Texts by multiple authors

344 pages
210 x 260mm
ISBN: 9781367559110

Eight years in the making, Timor Rungaranga is the first contemporary photography book coming out from the youngest nation in Asia – Timor-Leste. A country of unparalleled beauty, where old traditions collide with new modern worlds, and the sacred meets the profane. The photobook features 60 selected contributions by Timor-related leading authors, artists and photographers, giving further depth to this outstanding visual exploration of the young nation.

The contributors are: (in alphabetical order), Abe Barreto, Agio Pereira, Ahimsa-ka Satya, Alberto Fidalgo, Alessandro Boarccaech, Alfeo Pereira, Andrew Henderson, Bernardino Soares, Daniel Simião Schroeter, Danilo Afonso-Enriques, Elena Tognoli, Enrique Alonso, Ester Piera Ester Züecher, Gibrael Dias Carocho, Grinaldo Fernandes, Hector Hill, Iñigo Ballester, Isabel Boavida, Jake VDVF, Jean-Christophe Galipaud, Jen Shyu, Joanna Barrkman, John Martires, Josh Trindade, Karen Reidy, Kelly Silva, Kim Dunphy, Kirsty Sword Gusmão, Larissa Almeida, Leilana Quinger, Licinio Martins Lopes, Lucas Serrao Lopes, Luke Monsour, Madalena Barreto, Manuel Casal Aguiar, Mara Bernardes de Sá, Marcelina Osolio, Margarida Bandeira de Lima, Maria Ceu Lopes Federer, Maria Madeira, Mariano Gonçalves, Masanori Nagaoka, Megumi Yamada, Mireia Clemente, Naldo Rei, Nelson Turquel, Nuno da Silva, Patrick Walsh, Philip Yampolsky, Rebecca Kinaston, Rick Shearman, Risza Lopes da Cruz, Rogerio Lopes, Rosalia Madeira Soares, Simão Barreto, Sofia Miranda, Sula Sendagire, Tony Fry and Victor de Sousa.


About the Artist:
David Palazón (born 1972, Barcelona) is a prolific visual artist, designer, researcher, producer, and a documentary photographer and filmmaker. Driven by a curious nature for exploration and characterised by a unique sense of humour, his work is a constant enquiry about the human condition. His most prominent recent work is Timor Runguranga, an epic and rare photobook—made over a period of eight years—portraying the young nation of Timor-Leste.
He received a BA(Hons) in Media and Design from the London College of Communication before completing his studies at the Royal College of Art with the Eye See photographic exhibition in 2003. David has lived and work in Barcelona, the Netherlands, London, Peru, Ghana, Timor-Leste, Australia, Indonesia and currently lives and works in Colombo (Sri Lanka).
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Book Materials and Specifications:
First edition hardcover book, medium size (10 x 8″). 280 plates, 252 colour and 30 black and white.