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‘This I can Carry’

‘This I can Carry’
Annabel Konig

34 pages
200 x 240 mm
ISBN: Not available

Everyone has, at some point, packed a bag to take with them on a journey; but how many of us have packed a bag that will hold all we have left in this world?  When you’re forced to leave your home, what do you bring with you?  What will fit into the rucksack or bag that you, yourself must carry for such a long way?  What size is this bag, how much does it weigh?  How much can you carry; physically, psychologically?
‘This I can Carry’ is the second in the series of project examining Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Need’ theory. The publication was shown in public spaces in galleries around Ireland,USA and The Netherlands for World Refugee Day: 20th June, 2017.

This I can carry

About the author
Annabel Konig, a Dutch-Irish artist based in Co Carlow, Ireland. Annabel is a visual artist and an art director that is currently working on a range of projects using photography, text, drawing and social engagement. She spent a week in Athens in early May meeting with the refugees living there as they go through the complex Greek immigration process and ‘This I can Carry’ is the outcome.