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the a511: poor proud and pretty


Chris Mear
the a511: poor proud and pretty

279 pages
30.5 x 31 cm
Published 2010

21 miles with a colourful past and an ever growing mundane future (on the surface at least). Coalville literally had its identity coined by its infamous coal mining past. Ashby-de-la-Zouch had its hay day in the 19th century when ribbon, coal and bricks were big. The castle has played host to many high profile names – Henry VII, Mary Queen of Scots and Charles I. The scale of Swadlincote’s industrial past saw it grow from a small manor at the doomsday survey into a large industrial town by the turn of the 18th century. Straddling the River Trent for centuries Burton-upon-Trent has been known worldwide for beer due to the quality of local water, which contains a lot of dissolved salts.