Prison Pictures

Matt Plezier 2

Prison Pictures
Matt Plezier
R/NDOM zine


20 pages
148×210 mm
ISBN: Not available


Random observations is a zine project by Matt Plezier, containing photography, posters and postcards. Issue 09 of R/NDOM zine: prison pictures. Featuring photography by Sander Polderman. Comes with A3 poster and 1 x A6 postcard, all housed in a silkscreened envelope.

Matt Plezier is a self-taught designer, schooled by the diy hardcore/punk scene. He learned to do most things himself, from running a record label, designing LP covers, touring the world, silk screening t-shirts, posters and flyers, except playing in a band. Currently, he runs a kid’s t-shirt label, design for a few indie companies and just recently he’s started R/NDOM zine, mainly for the fun of it.