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Orpheus Standing Alone #1

‘Orpheus Standing Alone #1’
Camille Lévêque & Anna Lounguine
Orpheus Standing Alone


Two perfect-bound booklets in a see-through envelope
36 and 40 pages
Limited edition of 100 copies


Orpheus Standing Alone #1 presents two bodies of work that orchestrate in echo: a photographic diary and a collection of reflective free verse poetry about living in Oakland, California.

The works are presented in two separate books in a see-through envelope, symbolising their correspondence – in black and white photography and in free verse poetry, cataloguing our time there, dissecting it until it became so much more than the sum of its parts. The process was contemplative as well as  introspective, working on intimacy and identity.

About the Artist
Camille Lévêque (b. 1985, Paris) is a visual artist whose practice blends photography, collage, video and installation. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and Literature from Paris 8 University and a MA in Fine Arts from UCLA (Los Angeles).
She has been working as a reporter for the UNHCR in Armenia and an editorial assistant for Magnum Photos in Paris to then focus on her practice as photographer and publisher.
She is founder and member of LIVE WILD collective and the co-founder of publishing house ORPHEUS STANDING ALONE.
With LIVE WILD, she experiments since 2014 on authorship, identity and anonymity by the use of aliases. Working under seven different names, her own and six aliases, she develops various bodies of work and questions the importance of the artist’s character in their practice and career’s development.

Her works are featured on various publications, online and in print, and exhibited internationally.
Leveque has lived and worked in France, Armenia and the United-States, she is currently based in Paris, France but available for commissions worldwide.

About the Author
Anna Lounguine is a Paris born, Margate based writer.
Pursuing her passion for poetry and creative non-fiction, Anna’s writing practice plays with the boundaries of free-verse poetry. Her works focus on intimacy and identity – building a narrative through the presence of an indistinct ‘I’.
She is the co-founder of self-publishing, non-profit organisation Orpheus Standing Alone (2014) and founder of a bérêt every thursday, a weekly newsletter about being in therapy (2019).
She’s seen her works exhibited in Paris and London and featured both online and in printed publications such as Foam Magazine or Ain’t Bad. Her books have been sold in independent bookshops across the world.

About the Publisher
Self-published books gathering the works of sisters Camille L. and Anna L. – the publications offer introspective & contemplative works.

Presenting photography, writing, collages, Orpheus Standing Alone wishes to create unique, ever-changing objects, by both their shape and content.

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