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London, Barbican

London, Barbican
141_C0022190Craig Atkinson
Café Royal Books

28 pages
200×140 mm
ISBN: Not available

This publication is part of the Tate Gallery special collection. Craig Atkinson documents London’s stunning 1960s brutalist Barbican estate.

Craig Atkinson is a UK based photographer/artist, founder of Café Royal Books and lecturer in UCLan. His work is generally concerned with various aspects of the urban or man-made environment, usually Brutalist. Atkinson’s work has been collected by MoMa, The Tate and The V&A, as well as many other international public, private and educational libraries, galleries and museums.

A weekly photographic publication focusing broadly on aspects of change (usually within the UK), Café Royal Books, founded in 2005, is an independent publisher based in the North West of England.