Locus Delicti/Dresden

By 11/07/2014September 17th, 2015Photobooks, Self-Published

Locus Delicti/Dresdengregory_reuben_levitt_cover
Gregory Reuben Levitt
Self Published


Single-sheet folded book
160×240 mm
8 pages
ISBN: Not available


Images of death saturate the media – from iPhone to 50 inch plasma tv we tune into the world through 3D blood-tinted glasses, gorging ourselves on images of destruction from far-off places. We constantly claim to be learning from the mistakes of our past but clearly we are learning the wrong lessons. In Dresden at least the spirit of reconciliation has prevailed with the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche after the cities destruction towards the end of WWII. The images in this single-sheet folded book were taken using a 35mm pinhole camera. There was therefore no glass lens to distort the image, no photo app used to manipulate the colours and no fake synthetic nostalgia.

Gregory Reuben Levitt holds a BA (Hons) Photography from the Norwich School of Art and an MA Photography from the University of Brighton.