Insulatus (*made into an island)

By 22/04/2013March 9th, 2014Self-Published

bo gort

Bo Gort

20.5 x 25.5 cm

[…] And suddenly she saw the strangeness
and mystery of mans life;
she felt about her in the darkness the presence of ten thousand people, each lying in his bed,
naked and alone, united at the heart of night and darkness, and listening as she, to the sounds of silence and of sleep.

And suddenly it seemed to her that she knew all these lonely, strange, unknown watchers of the night, that she was speaking to them, and they to her, across the fields of sleep, that she knew them now in all their dark and naked loneliness […].

And it seemed to her that if they would only listen in the darkness and send the language of their spirits across the silence of the night, all of the error, falseness and confusion of their lives would vanish, they would no longer be strangers, and each would find the life he sought and never yet had found. If only we could, she thought, if only we could!

(Tom Wolfe, Of Time and the River)