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On Flora (Issue One)

Saint Lydia 1

On Flora (Issue One)
Alison Baitz
Saint Lydia Production


44 pages
140×190 mm
ISBN: Not available


‘This zine is all about plants and flowers, but if you think it may affect the creativity, you are mistaken! This is because all these plants and flowers are presented to us in various ways! It is quite interesting to see the differences between the photographs taken inside the house and photographs taken in the middle of nature. But in both cases, in my opinion all these images reflect feelings, human feelings! It is amazing to see that.’
– The UnknownBooks

‘A full-color zine full of all original (film!) photography featuring plants and flowers. Contents include pretty bouquets in ugly vases, lots of ferns surrounded by velvet and donuts galore (yes, donuts.)’ What is also forgotten in this description are the beautiful colours, original compositions, excellent layouts and the LOGOS!!! Don’t forget the corporate vase branding!!’
– Good Press Gallery

Alison Baitz is a freelance writer currently based in the Mid-Atlantic. She regularly covers fashion and culture for publications, online and print, and is also the creator of ‘On Flora’ zine.
Saint Lydia is the name under which Alison Baitz currently publishes zines.