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De dónde no se vuelve | PhotoIreland Collection

De dónde no se vuelve

By 05/11/2012March 1st, 2014Photobooks, Self-Published

La Fabrica_MG_3662

La Fabrica
De donde no se vuelve
Alberto Garcia-Alix

320 pages
24 x 30cm
Hardback Cover
ISBN: 978-8492841660

This book reproduces over 250 images that compose the ambitious project on which Alberto García-Alix has been working for several years in Madrid, Paris and Beijing. Through an intense narration, De donde no se vuelve is a profound trip in time and in the author’s life, a true life story of the artist. García-Alix says that photography is a medium that moves the spectator to the other side of life. Under this premise, his work acquires a poetic nature, an acute sense in which each of his portraits takes on a transcendent dimension.