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Album Ana Casas Broda

Ana Casas Broda
Mestizo A.C.


204 pages
200×200 mm
ISBN: 8-489356-36-X


This book told through texts and pictures the story of four generations of women. . But it is, above all, a discourse on the search and construction of identity, the past and the present of the author
are self-portraits and photographs of her grandmother; photographic recreations made ​​years later in the same places they were taken first; newspapers grandmother and his own, the elements with which the author builds a mosaic of family stories that places his own story linking photography and memory, photography and experiences. Twelve years of work obsessively rebuilt his own album, the -repartida childhood in Spain, Austria and Mexico, diving in the past and narrating the present, we speak of their deep need to find an identity.
The address book is at the line between obsession conscious act. It is a sincere story about his own existence. The author and her grandmother, united by a deep complicity shed all attachment and courage get naked in front of the mirror mute and relentless is the camera, giving us moving images that show their bodies in an intimate act affection. They ask and ask us about the fundamental aspects of existence itself: emotions, body, identity, heritage, family, love, …
A work that addresses the most intimate questions of human nature, while telling the life story of the four women protagonists on three key areas: the house, the body and memory.

Born in Granada, Spain, in 1965, to an Austrian mother and Spanish father, Broda spent her early years between these countries. In 1974 she came with her mother to live in Mexico City, where she studied photography, painting and history.