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Scopio Magazine – Above Ground: Architecture

Scopio Magazine – Above Ground: Architecture
Scopio Network


160 pages
160×120 mm
ISBN: Not available


Invited Authors:

Paulo Catrica
Philippe Ruault
André Cepeda
Nuno Grande
Dietrich Neumann
Ema Sara Ribeiro
Virgilio Ferreira
Cristina Sevla
Carlos Machado
Maros Krivy
Mariana Pestana
Beatrice Galilee
Gonçalo Dias
Ângela Frias
Rui Neto
Andrzej Maciejewski
Isabel Coimbra
Maria João Lopes

Scopio Network is an independent platform intertwining research group CCRE-FAUP, Scopio Editorial Line Collection and Cityscopio Cultural Association. It intends to support diverse forums and editorial initiatives, ideas, projects, competitions and workshops related to our photography research and editorial agendas.