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Women Photographers – European Experience

Women Photographers – European Experience
Edited by Lena Johannesson and Gunilla Knape
Contributing authors:
Eva Dahlmans
Ann-Charlotte Glasberg
Lena Johannesson
Gunilla Knape
Eva Nodin
Joanna Persman
Julia Tedroff
Anna Tellgren
Tove Thage
Leif Wigh
Published by Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis

383 pages
246 x 162 mm
ISSN 03484114

Photography has made its mark at all levels of society and in many different guises. But, until now there has been a lack of studies that are able to cope with photography’s mobility and its unique anti-exclusivity. Women have played a much broader role in the history of photographing than they have in the history of the development of photo-technology.
This book is based on the results of a collaborative project between the Hasselblad Center and the Department of Art History and Visual Studies at Göteborg University. The aim of the project was to shed light on the working conditions and work experience of women photographers, from the invention of photography up to the present day. With the focus on European experiences, case studies were carried out in various parts of the continent – in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, France and Italy.