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Victor Hasselblad – The Man Behind the Camera

Victor Hasselblad – The Man Behind the Camera
Sören Gunnarsson and Bo Myhrman
Published by Journal
Edited by Gösta Flemming


425 pages
230 x 160 mm
ISBN: 9789187939006


Victor Hasselblad – The Man Behind
 the Camera written by Sören Gunnarson is the result of many years of research and is based on extensive interviews and voluminous correspondence. Apart from relating the story of the man behind the camera, the book also contains a record of Hasselblad camera models and describes the events that took place when the company changed from analogue to digital photography.

The Hasselblad camera made its huge breakthrough when the American astronauts began to use it in space. The photographs of the first men on the Moon are some of the most published images in the world. The camera also figured largely for more earthbound photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, working in the fields of advertising, fashion, photojournalism, portraiture, nature, science and medicine. The idea for his camera came to Victor Hasselblad (1906-78) in his youth when he travelled around the Swedish countryside to photograph birds. Never really satisfied with his results, he began to dream about a better camera.

About the author
Sören Gunnarsson has amongst other things worked as a freelance writer and was the editor for the Swedish photographic magazines Hasselblad Forum and Camera Natura. He was also ine of the initiators of the Friends of Hasselblad Center association.

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