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Photography: Crisis of History.


Photography: Crisis of History
Edited by Joan Fontcuberta

196 pages
4 x 6 inches

Photography: Crisis in History showcases work that challenges the way in which we have normally understood the medium of photography. At a time when the photographic image is omnipresent-in our daily environment as it is in art-the historical and aesthetic models used to interpret photography are in a state of crisis. Here an international group of historians, critics and artists revise the dominant assumptions on which our knowledge and appreciation of the history of photography have been based, and set out a number of possible alternatives. Featuring a selection of the best in contemporary international photography, as well as sixteen revealing and concise essays exploring the state of the historical question in photography, Photography: Crisis in History is an exhilarating artistic and art historical document.

Featuring established and emerging photographers. Essays by Hubertus von Ameluxen, Daniel Girardin, Andre Gunthert, Ian Jeffrey, Mounira Khemir, Boris Kossoy, Andrea Kunnard, Vincent Lavoie, Joan Naranjo, Jose Antonio Navarrete, Bernardo Riego, Teresa Siza, Marie Loup Sougez, Johan Swinnen, Henning Steen Wettendorff, and Carmelo Vega.