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Czech Photography of the 20th Century

Czech Photography of the 20th Century
Vladimir Birgus and Jan Mlčoch
Prague Museum of Decorative Art and Kant

163 pages
170 x 230 mm
ISBN 8071010413

Czech Photography of the 20th Century, published simultaneously in Czech and English versions, is the first book to present the main trends, figures, and works of Czech photography from the beginning to the end of the last century to such a large extent. Its 517 plates include not only the most important, well-known photographs and photomontages, but also works that have long been forgotten or are published for the first time. The book is arranged in seventeen chapters, supplemented with chronologies of the most important events in twentieth-century Czech photography and history.

About the Authors

Vladimir Birgus was born in Frýdek-Místek, Czechoslovakia on May 5, 1954. … He became director of the Czech Photographers’ Union Institute of Art Photography in 1982 and the Institute of Creative Photography, School of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University, Opava in 1990, and continues in those positions.

Jan Mlčoch was born on 26 February 1953 in Prague. He has become a respected theoretician of artistic photography and the curator of the photographic collections of the Museum of Industry and Art in Prague.

About the Publishers

Founded in 1885, the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts is housed in a Neo-Renaissance edifice built from 1897 to 1899 after the designs of architect Josef Schulz. It opened in 1900 with exhibitions on the first floor.

KANT Publishers produces art publications, monographs, on the visual arts with a special emphasis on Czech photography, exhibition catalogues, and art postcards.