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Fred Huning

64 pages
17 x 24cm
Soft cover
ISBN: 978-3-941825-26-0

A man and a woman are two (›zwei‹). This image cycle shows how they meet, approach, begin to understand, find out that they belong together. It is the middle part of the trilogy of personal works, Fred Hüning’s ›Sentimental Journey‹, just as moving as previously ›einer‹ (one).

Like for his first book, the photographer has written a vivid text again that touches us. Here is a small excerpt:

“Hallo Snow Queen, I said and you understood it immediately and adopted the name as yours, your name for me and I laughed about your jokes and you about mine and we knew that this was good and drank to that and we kissed and we made love and told us everything and I knew that you would understand me and you knew that I would understood you…”