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Simon Berg

34 pages
180 x 170 mm
ISBN 9789198255515


Simon Berg goes in tune with the nature of things. In a close reading of the physical properties of the objects, he visualizes its specific attractiveness and gives them a heightened sharpness. The raw becomes poetic, the hard becomes delicate, and what appears to be banal may prove to be the essence of existence.

About the Artist
“Simon Berg’s pictorial language is both excessive and precise. Working consistently with the snapshot style and a ruthless attention to materiality, he focuses on single details of the everyday, which become unpleasant and yet fascinating to look at. The colours of flesh, meat and skin are dominating in this dark journal of nails, hands and objects relating to the body, as for instance a belt on a chair. Photographing surfaces of skin, things and furniture in close-up and with a hard flash reveals the excesses like dirt, spots, marks and wrinkles, and the resulting imagery holds a physical effect. As the artist notes: “In the meaning ‘twisted’ my works are perverted. Something ordinary, suddenly it shows us its true colours, or more likely, just different colours. A view that opens up a world without limits, a world without control.”

About the Publisher
Blackbook publications is an artist book collective, established in Gothenburg in 2009. Since the start, we have published books and other printed materials by interesting artist from the Scandinavian scene of contemporary photography.