The Windmill Collection

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The Windmill Collection
Rose & Emma Windmill
T&G Publishing


20 pages
300×290 mm
ISBN: 978-0-97757-903-7


These rare photographs, never published before, present a charming portrait of times gone by, an Australian ambience that no longer exists. The Collection comprises vignettes of family and social life in the years between the first and second world wars in Victoria. The photographs also provide the viewer with an opportunity to see what life was like at that time, the emotional landscapes of cities and towns that are today dramatically altered by the modernisation of life.

The Windmill Sisters’ collection comprises approximately 1000 images depicting scenes and people in Victoria from 1913 to around 1940, an interesting and important historical collection.

Emma and Rose Windmill were two sisters (out of six children) with a love of photography who took countless photographs between 1913 and the 1940s. Born into a typical early 19th Century family, the sisters who never married enjoyed a full life living at their parents’ house in Geelong, west of Melbourne, Australia. Photography was an everyday part of their lives. Their photography was not political, but the work of two women who enjoyed using a camera without pretence to art or social comment, unencumbered by formalist notions.

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