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Where are the people? Contemporary photographs of Belfast 2002-2010

Belfast Exposed_MG_3921

Belfast Exposed
Where are the people?
Contemporary photographs of Belfast 2002-2010
Essays by Stephen Bull, Liam O’Dowd, Daniel Jewesbury, Ciaran Carson, Colin Graham, and Aaron Kelly.

Pages: 109
Format: 19.6 x 12.6
Medium: Paperback
ISBN: 978-095242417-0-2

Over a decade has passed since the Good Friday Agreement was signed. While representing a time of significant change, the post-agreement period can also be characterised in terms of an experience of waiting- for a new kind of politics and new social and cultural arrangements to emerge.

During this time, a number of artists and photographers have sought to represent this process of transition and the inherent tensions between stasis and change, particularly as they play out across the city of Belfast.

In Where are the people? Contemporary Photographs of Belfast, 2002-2010, six writers have been invited to reflect upon a series of photographic projects and to think through different images from a number of viewpoints. The photographs are considered from sociological and political perspectives, in the context of photography history and the archive, and in relation to memory and subjectivity.

This book presents a series of reflections on the effects of peace on a city that has been, to a large extent, determined and defined through political conflict.