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Wealth Management

Wealth Management
Carlos Spottorno
Phree and RM Verlag
Edited by Juan Vallbuena and Ramon Reverte


64 pages
240×320 mm
ISBN Phree: 978-84-943635-2-8
ISBN RM Verlag: 978-84-16282-25-8


The goal of this book is to reflect about the language of banks and other influential organisations. It’s aim is to portray how he sees the world of the ultra-wealthy and their agents. A supposedly better life where money doesn’t always bring happiness, and the ultimate luxury is to be invisible, inaccessible, and therefore invulnerable.

Carlos Spottorno is a Spanish documentary photographer with an artistic background, who has focused his main personal projects on subjects related to power shifts, economy, and social issues that shape the real world.

PHREE is a publishing house focused on documentary photography, travel books and family albums.
RM Verlag is one of the most recognised Latin American specialist publishers in art books.

Carlos Spottorno // Wealth Management from haveanicebook on Vimeo.