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WATW – WE ARE THE WORLD: Photography from China and the Netherlands

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WATW – WE ARE THE WORLD: Photography from China and the Netherlands

Pages: 177
Format: 17 x 21 cm
Medium: Paper Back
ISBN:  9789460830204

WATW is short for We Are The World, the song originally written in 1985 by Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson for a campaign against famine in Ethiopia and later hijacked for a multitude of purposes, commercial as well as non-commercial, addressing the issues of solidarity as well as mutual responsibility.

WATW looks at various aspects of our, consumption driven world. It combines the works of Chinese and Dutch photographers and artists in a travelling exhibition and website that can be defined as montages of artistic, journalistic, and scientific observations and aims to draw attention to our mutual responsibility for the globalising world we are living in.

The area covered by WATW is vast, ranging from economic growth to the environment, from energy production to capital flows, from migration to consumption. In our globalized world, all these phenomena are linked and pointing to the fact that we have a transnational, shared responsibility to cope with them.

Although WATW is not a political pamphlet, the montage of both the artists’ works and the projected infographics that provide real time running data such as how many days are left until the end of oil, or the daily CO² emissions, amongst many others, invites the reader to consider our impact on world around us.