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‘War Primer 3’
Lewis Bush
Lewis Bush


109 pages
210 x 226 mm
ISBN 9781388827793


Lewis Bush’s ‘War Primer 3’ is defined as an “appropriating appropriation” of a pacifistic photobook called, “War Primer” by Bertolt Brecht, a photobook that is a lyrical attack on capitalism set in the backdrop of World War II. It is also a response book to “War Primer 2”, a photobook on the war on terror by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin that served as a reactionary response to Brecht’s original. The book places emphasis on the breakdown of photography’s relationship with war, serving as “a meditation on inequality, labour, capital and power.” This meditation combines and synthesizes  all three photobooks together into a new vivid interpretation of themes previously discussed. War Primer 3 uses poetry used in Brecht’s original photobook, while applying its own narrative opinion on the position of the art-form in relation to war, conflict, and work.

War Primer 3 is designed by overlaying the design of War Primer 2, and using photographs and poems in Brecht’s original War Primer. The third incarnation presents a reflective epitaph that conveys the cyclical nature of the themes presented cross-generationally.

About the Artist
Lewis Bush is a British photographer, curator, and writer that explores themes of intersectionality within photography, specifically focusing on journalism, art, and history.


About the Publisher
This book is self-published by Lewis Bush.


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