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Wall Book
Lana Yankovskaya
Self Published


40 pages
200×150 mm
ISBN: Not available


The city. Amidst the hustle and bustle there is something more than just a desire to survive. Self-expression – that’s what it is about. So, walking around the city, you will not need to litter the streets and walls to realise your ideas, just open the album and draw. This album is designed to discover the secrets of the city, invisible at first glance, to bring something personal to the life of the city. Photos of relatively clean walls of Kiev allow to draw any word on the walls, without spoiling the appearance of the city at the same time. For your convenience, I added to the set a pocket for the notes about your urban observations, eraser for secure storage and a special liner, which should always be in an easily accessible place. Be creative, do not hesitate of your ideas, express your feelings and emotions through drawing, shout using the picture, you just don’t be silent.

Lana Yankovskaya was born in 1981 in Lviv. She became a photographer in 2009, and now lives and works in Kyiv.

UPHA — Ukrainian Photographic Alternative is an independent group created to help and support development of contemporary Ukrainian photography. Our main goals are organizing and carrying solo and group exhibitions, providing help and holding educational programs and publishing along with integrating and expanding emerging Ukrainian photography further.