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Saskia Groneberg

Vesuv, Venus
Saskia Groneberg
Self Published


144 pages
310×250 mm
ISBN: Not available


Vesuv, Venus is a fragmentary story in pictures in the setting of the first large landscape park in mainland Europe, the Wörlitzer Park. Tourists move like figures in a tableau vivant in the dreamlike, historic (and historistic) scenery of the park. In her mostly classically composed photographs, Saskia Groneberg draws a connection to landscape painting and deliberately disguises the aspect of time. Winter follows spring, detail follows sequence, dream follows deconstruction. Idyll is an illusion, the park an artificially created, dynamic place which has to be continuously maintained, renovated and ploughed. This becomes evident when looking at details such as railings, growing aids and the traces made by agricultural vehicles.

Saskia Groneberg is visual artist based in Munich, Germany.