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Vera y Victoria

Vera y Victoria
Mar Sáez
André Frère Éditions
French and English

Text by Lara Moreno


80 pages
165 x 218 mm.
ISBN: 9791092265552


Vera confessed to Victoria that she was transexual the day they kissed for the first time. It was in a park. It did not change anything. For the four years that they were together, they loved each other as they had never loved anyone before. The book is a visual diary shot between 2012 and 2016 in which the author Mar Sáez portrayed the intimate universe of Vera and Victoria. A universe in which new facets of a relationship as intense as theirs come to the surface. No better or worse than anyone else.

About the Artist:
Mar Sáez (Murcia, Spain, 1983), a graduate in Psychology and Audiovisual Communication whose work deals with issues of identity, femininity and socio-cultural values. She began her career as a journalist. She combines her work as a freelance photographer with projects involving documentary photography and managing the cultural affairs side of things in Lens Escuela de Artes Visuales. Among other distinctions, she won the 2014 Lux Professional Photography Prize for documentary photography, and was ranked first in the 2013 University of Murcia Photography Prize and the 2013 Creajoven Visual Prize. In recent years, her work has been exhibited in Spain and the United States. She has published in the documentary photography magazine Ojo de Pez (2015).

About the Publisher:
Founding partner and publisher at Images En Manœuvres Éditions, after winning the Nadar prize in 2011 with Jean Christian Bourcart for Camden, and the historical book prize in 2012 at the Rencontres d’Arles for Les livres de photographie d’Amérique Latine by Horacio Fernandez, André Frère starts his own publishing house in early 2013.

Stem form graphic arts and skilled as art director, André Frère always look after shapes, materials and graphic design in his productions, each book sticks to the photographer’s work, in order to serve it and to show it at best.