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Useful Photography #001

Kessels Kramer_MG_3737

Useful Photography #001
Collected & Edited by Hans Aarsman, Claudie de Cleen, Julian Germain, Erik Kessels, Hans van der Meer
Kesselskramer Publishing


60 pages
210×297 mm
ISBN: 90-72-72007-70-4


Cut out a photograph from a wholesale butcher’s brochure, hang it over your bed, and a year later you still won’t be bored of it. It is precisely these photographs we are confronted with daily, without even being aware of it, that can hold our interest for an astonishingly long time. Photography from sales catalogues, instruction manuals, packaging, brochures and textbooks. Anonymous, because what photographer expects to create a furore with a chicken breast photo? As soon as the images are taken out of their original context and placed in a new one, they can produce interesting results.

Useful Photography #001 is an Ode to the Photographers we don’t know by name, but whose work we all know by looking at it daily.
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