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UPHA(Ukranian Photographic Alternative)

Softcover Pocket
50 Postcards
140×200 mm
ISBN: Not available

Set of printed photographs, each featuring the work of a different photographer.

Young independent publishing house Niice, based in Kiev, Ukraine, joined self-publishing community earlier this summer. A small team of two people, Arianna Khmelniuk and Taras Gimirovych, has organised more than 40 workshops and creative work meetings, took part in design contest and organising of cultural festival since that time. That is interdisciplinary project, free lectures hall and discussion platform.
Professionals from typography, art coordinators, designers, artists, journalists are invited as the teachers. The project is aimed at supporting of young avant-garde Ukrainian art.

UPHA — Ukrainian Photographic Alternative is an independent group created to help and support development of contemporary Ukrainian photography. Our main goals are organizing and carrying solo and group exhibitions, providing help and holding educational programs and publishing along with integrating and expanding emerging Ukrainian photography further.