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Anouk Kruithof
Anouk Kruithof, self-published

Softcover, newsprint, wrapped together with transparent plastic
112 pages
210 x 280 mm newspaper
127 x 178 mm signed photograph
ISBN 9789081708104

This is a self-published newsprint by Anouk Kruithof.

A collaborative editing exercise between Kruithof and Medina. From the conversation: “AK: We are going to look at 300 colour pictures on my computer screen from my archive from the last 12 years. You can say if you like a photo and we’ll select it for my photo installation, which will be shown in France later this month. You can also say ‘out’ or ‘pass’ if you don’t like a photo, because we need to bring the amount of photos down to 75. We will work with the program Adobe Bridge, so when you do like a photo, you easily press here: No. 6 means the photo gets a red label and will be printed in small size. No. 7 means the photo gets a yellow label and will be printed in medium size. No. 8 means the photo gets a green label and will be printed in big size. HM: O.K.”


About the Artist

Kruithof’s work is an investigation into the online representation of urgent societal themes. Over the past few years she collected circulating images related to issues like privacy, government surveillance, pollution and climate change. Kruithof subjects these to critical scrutiny by extracting existing imagery from the digital sphere, and translating the photo- graphs into her own idiosyncratic three-dimensional visual idiom. Kruithof is interested in how the human psychological condition is shifting in unstable times of systematic control, stress and chaos in the technologically mediated world. She attempts to map states of mind in society, manifesting invisible relationships in physical form and inviting new connections and meanings to arise.

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