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Kajsa Gullberg
Dewi Lewis Publishing

88 pages
300×200 mm

ISBN: 978-1-907893-55-1


In ‘Unravelled’, Kajsa Gullberg looks at the marks that life makes on us – both the physical and the psychological. Gullberg combines images of women bearing scars on their bodies with those of the natural world – hinting at both a sense of inevitability and our unrealistic dreams of perfection. These women expose themselves, putting on display what our culture seeks to forget – the imperfect, the ugly and the embarrassing. And yet we need to be loved as we are. Unravelled is made in the hope that the viewer will come to love themselves a little bit more.

The expressive qualities of Gullberg’s work are both intimate and edgy. Her viewers are given a raw, yet poetic, look at life. She looks for beauty, strength and pride where you would not always expect to find it. Gullberg says “I deliberately put myself in situations that make me vulnerable. It makes me remember what it’s like to have pictures taken of yourself. That again helps me uncover the traces that bind us together.

Kajsa Gullberg is a Swedish photographer, based in Denmark.

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