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Uncertain States /15


Uncertain States /15
Uncertain States


12 pages
530×380 mm
ISBN: Not available


Welcome to Uncertain States. we are primarily an artist-led project that publishes and distributes a free quarterly broadsheet newspaper showing lens-based-art. We also hold monthly talks that focus on contemporary photography and organise and curate an annual exhibition to showcase our contributors’ work. Formed in 2009 by Fiona Yaron-Field, David George and Spencer Rowell, the group has grown over the past five years from a small core to a loose confederacy of over 100 writers, artists and academics who share the same ethos: that is, to create a platform for work that reflects some key social and political concerns and challenges how perceptions are formed in society on issues as diverse as politics, religion and personal identity, whilst at the sane time nurture a growing community of independent artists who seek an alternative outlet for their artistic practice.

‘Our shared purpose is to support the creative process, both of others and ourselves – to offer a platform of exposure for work to a wider audience and to be part of the ongoing dialogue of what photography is today, what motivates us to create and ask how photography communicates: in short, be a flagship for contemporary British Photography.

‘As individuals, we each have our own practice. The original purpose of setting up the paper was to support and develop these practices and to support and develop other lens-based artists’ practices. Although as individuals artists our subject matter, our visual language and our mode of expression is very different, we share the same approach, which we also look for in other artists.

‘A collaboration cannot exist in a state of stasis and must constantly evolve and change to be effective in its chosen field and culture. The collaborators’ role must constantly change and be redefined, not only on a personal level but within the group as collective. This not only keeps the project vibrant and alive but also creates peer support. Collaboration flies on openness and the sharing of knowledge, but mostly it needs trust – trust in the creative process that is clearly always in an uncertain states.’

Issue 15 Contributors:

John Goto –
Unnerving Disruptions Fragment The City View
Grace Lau –
The Studio Portrait that Compresses Time Both Past, Present and Future
John Paul Evans –
Modeling Himself into the Picture of Western Art
Tor Simen Ulstein –
Constructs Fiction to Hide Dark Truth
Julian Benjamin –
The Improbably Image Gives Way to Ideas
John Wilson –
Unreal beauty of the Manufactured Landscape
Charlie Fjätström –
Creates an Almanac of The
Heather McDonough –
Telling Stories to Keep Spirits Alive
Etienne Clement –
Builds Stories that Blur the Boundary of Fact and Fiction
Nick Haeffner –
Truth and Fiction after Thatcher