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Transeurope European Photography and Visual Arts Forum

Transeurope European Photography and Visual Arts Forum
La Fabrica

200 x 280 mm
ISBN 9789729853760

In 2018, and thanks to the support of a Creative Europe program, three European institutions jointly promoted the TransEurope project, which has culminated in the publication of this contemporary photography magazine, which shows the work of 31 young photographers. The Contemporary Foundation (Spain), the Finnish Museum of Photography (Finland) and Euromare (Greece) launched this initiative with the idea of ​​supporting the visual arts and younger photography through workshops, portfolio reviews, professional activities, exhibitions in the three driving countries and, finally, the publication of this magazine to show the 31 final works, which were selected in viewings that were held throughout 2018 and 2019 in fourteen European countries. The result therefore gives a very broad and complete panorama of young contemporary European photography, a faithful sample of the concerns, affiliations and phobias of young artists on the continent.

About the Publisher
From the publisher’s site:

”We believe in what we do and fully commit ourselves to carrying out the task at hand. We think it is possible and desirable to undertake a new style of projects with ambitious goals that are open to society. We believe in private initiative and we know that only those quality projects that are completely in tune with society’s needs make sense in today’s world. We defend modern values, back innovative quality ideas and commit ourselves to the society in which we live. We defend professional ambition and work well done.

We are convinced that through our work and projects we are making a positive contribution to society’s development. We consider Spain to be a country ideally suited to our activity and  believe it is now time to go into action and start up projects that are innovative, realistic, positive and ambitious.

We work in various fields of contemporary culture with our own projects or in collaboration with companies, public institutions and other entities interested in developing activities related to these areas.

Our clients have a wide range of interests and vary from individual consumers seeking to satisfy their cultural needs with our projects to the companies or public entities with which we collaborate in order to reach their objectives.”