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DekensPeter Dekens
The Eriskay Connection


72 pages
170×270 mm
ISBN: 978-9-08183-842-9


Dekens’ latest book Touch is a story
of a young man Stijn who was born blind. Dekens spent time
with Stijn in his apartment, discovering and documenting his world.
The apartment is the only place where Stijn can move so freely.
Everything – table, bed, walls, sofa – helps him to navigate
around and constitutes his territory. “He knows this space inside out.
It may be small and limited, but Stijn is not. In fact it’s quite the opposite”.
While light/dark doesn’t make difference to him, it is tactile sensation
– touch – that guides Stijn’s world.

Peter Dekens is a Belgian documentary photographer, with a
strong interest in social issues.

The Eriskay Connection is an independent publisher about photography, art and visual culture.