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New Irish Works: Tomorrow is Sunday

Tomorrow is Sunday
Miriam O’Connor


32 pages
148×210 mm
ISBN: 9780995701854

Following a family bereavement in 2013, O’ Connor returned home to live and work on the family farm. Tomorrow is Sunday is an on-going photographic project which engages with this unanticipated homecoming. Over the last number of years she has struggled to understand this transition through the medium of photography, using the camera and other practices of reading, writing, collecting and reflecting in a quasi-therapeutic manner to document fragments from daily life and experiences. This approach to understanding and acceptance often raised more questions than it provided answers.

O’ Connor also draws on farming diaries, notes and exchanges as a means of exploring the past and at the same time opening up new perspectives on present circumstances. These traces of everyday life have acted as the catalyst for the production of a series of logbooks which catalogue various activities characteristic of her new life. Through detailing daily farming tasks and domestic duties, compiling inventories and anecdotes, this approach of logging and indexing reflects an effort to regain some semblance of order and a means by which past and present might begin to align or reconcile in some way.