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The World Library of Sanne and Lukas: IMG. 0-97 Nowa Huta

The World Library of Sanne and Lukas: IMG. 0-97 Nowa Huta
Sanne van den Elzen & Lukas Heibges
Dutch Independat Art Books Publishers
Sanne van den Elzen
Lukas Heibges
Chantal Hendriksen

Soft Cover
98 pages
165 x 240 x 7 mm
ISBN 9789082930306

The World Library of Sanne and Lukas is a visual library documenting subjects in various places and times. Its encyclopaedic character emerges from a method developed by the photographers to explore unfamiliar themes. They introduce this new library with Nowa Huta IMG. 0 — 97, with more elements to follow regularly.

“The two photographers explore the world of ‘Nowa Huta’, which once celebrated the future but now belongs to the past.

The interest of the two photographers does not lie in revealing the underlying architectural concept of Nowa Huta and deciphering its topography at once. Instead, by making precise observations of details, they give us an indication of the overall meaning. What is paramount is the fragmented view, from which a full picture emerges.

About the artist
is an artists who applies photography and video to question role patterns, behaviour and rules. She is interested in tradition versus ritual, in rules versus autonomy. Her work exists of restructuring and reconstructing (existing) images, by developing a work method that includes room for experimentation, and in which the method itself becomes part of her project
Sanne van den Elzen

(b. 1985) studies in Holland and Berlin and isa currently doing his M.A at the university in Bielefeld. He lives and works as an artist, shuttling between Berlin and Amsterdam. As a co-founder of a photography and film collective he understands both photography and film as central tools to visualise social topics from an artistic point of view. He considers these media as the starting point of a wider expression, which combines theoretical considerations with societal debates. The result is a transfer of his artistic expression back to the intersection of theory and practice to question not only the subjects he is working on, but also the medium itself
Lukas Heibges

About the Publisher
DIABP is a collective of small independent Dutch publishers specialised in art, photography and artist books