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The Taste of the Wind

Carlos Alba

Landskrona Photo

Softcover, Ringbound in a wooden box
84 pages
Book size 130 x 190 mm
Wooden box sixe 170 x 230 mm
ISBN 9789198553215

From the Artist;

”The Taste of The Wind places the emphasis on the politics of the images, on their veracity and on their historical information. As Allan Sekula suggests when writing about the photographic archive, it ‘entails a notion of legal or official truth, as well as a notion of proximity to and verification of an original event’. It brings together the acceptance of and participation in of Europe’s changing society. Borders work in a different way in free trade zones like the EU. Every country has a different terminology for border, space and place, as does every European citizen. ‘Differential tax schemes across European countries may matter, as well as language and cultural differences’ (Foad, 2010). A European millennial generation could help to make real the utopian idea of a world without borders. But the newly imposed immigration controls ‘are a sign we value money more than people’ (Younge, 2017). When crossing the Öresund Bridge, the train stops for some time so that the police can check the travellers’ passports. I would like to imagine Europe without border guards, barbed wire, passport controls, walls, fences or barriers. The Europeans would be better people without them.

With this body of work I want to question what photography remembers and forgets, for whom and for what purpose. I want to find visual connections between the foreigners and the locals who live in Landskrona. By mixing my photographs with the Landskrona Museum archive, I want to materialise and simplify the circumstances, triggering analysis, reflection and empathy, in order to help to create a bond with the surroundings. I want to expose the concept of impermanence and change in societal scenarios and landscape alterations. This is a tribute to the people who are always looking for freedom. They don’t know if they will find it, but at least they can enjoy tasting the wind.”

About the Artist
Carlos Alba (born 1984 in Madrid, Spain; lives and works in London, UK) is visual artist working mainly with colour photography and video. His work is focused on human relations in the modern world. His images have a conceptual approach and they reflect contemporary social issues from a positive point of view. His tools are objects and archives that help him to find the photographs and videos that he wants to take. He is a regular contributor of weekly and monthly magazines. He has published his work in Architectural Digest, Esquire, Forbes, Financial Times Magazine, Grazia, I-D Magazine, Vice UK, Telva, Woman Madamme Figaro, Yo Dona, and more.

About the Publisher

Landskrona Foto is the collective name for a center for the photographic image that spans areas such as exhibitions, events, photo history, the photo book, residency, research and collections. The most important element, ‘The highlight of Photography’ is their festival where the love of photography, dedication and commitment to Landskrona as the meeting place of photography reaches its crescendo.

Landskrona Foto’s vision is to be Europe’s most relevant meeting place for photography – where the established and the experimental meet and stimulate the public’s understanding of photography and its value to society.