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The Station Point


Thames & Hudson
The Station Point
Robert Bourdeau

224 pages
12.8 x 0.9 x 10.1 inches
ISBN: 978-0973973983

Taken over the past three decades throughout Europe and North America, these photographs are of age-old landscapes; historical treasures of architecture nestled in the countryside and rusting industrial sites reclaimed by nature. Robert Bourdeau is deeply interested in how certain structures lose their identity and take on other feelings and ambiguities, and at other times become guardians or sentinels of physical and emotional space. He is also fascinated by the dark mysticism of medieval architecture and by brooding landscapes, the exactness of his photography disclosing the hidden geometry of nature. Most of his photographs are contact printed, either from an 11-by-14-inch or an 8-by-10-inch negative, a method that allows for a minimal loss of definition in reproduction.