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The Last Year Of Childhood

last yearPowerShovel, Ltd.
The Last Year Of Childhood
Ute Behrend

128 pages
17 x 25 cm

ISBN: 978-4-434-15788-2

Behrends’ “Last Year of Childhood” is a family album, holiday diary and friendship book at the same time. And this diversified mix of color and black and white images suceeds to take us on an emotional journey to the verge of childhood: snap shots, strobe lights, memories.

Colorful balloons on the fence at night, summer at the lake, New Year’s Eve fireworks. Carnival, being sick, rabbits, cats, horses, Monopoly and Halloween. These images of childhood look almost ordinary, but they are belted by Ute Behrend’s great sense for patterns, symbols and image sequences.

Yes, it felt all like this, you think after looking through the book. But nevertheless you cannot grasp or name it: the last year of childhood.