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The Image Collection – Photographic Art Works


The Image Collection – Photographic Art Works
Galleri Image
edited by: Minik Busk Langkjær


144 pages
ISBN: 978-87-992840-2-3


‘Since the founding of Galleri Image in 1977, we have been able to present a wealth of Danish as well as international photographers of high quality. In 2011 we started work on setting up The Image Collection. This photographic archive, which is based on generous artist donations of works that have been exhibited at the gallery, just a few years achieved a substantial size, with huge diversity. Gallery Images 35-year anniversary was in 2012 marked by a large-scale exhibition entitled A collection, created by artist Lasse Krog Møller, which was based on the works and artifacts found in the gallery store. The exhibition at Galleri Image arose an idea to create a publication based on the photo-based media content to deal with collection phenomenon of visual and literary. A book publication on photographic art and joints in a single work is unprecedented in this form . The renowned Spanish artist and curator Joan Fontcuberta accepted our invitation and wrote a text on collections for our book. The Danish Phd. and Post.Doc. Louise Wolthers has written a text about the collections of the book and Lasse Krog Møller also contributes to the book with text and photos from his exhibition. The Image Collection can be seen as both a visual excerpt of Gallery Images long history as well as a cross section of the modern photography.’

Galleri Image is a nonprofit exhibition space for photo-based art. It was founded in 1977 by a group of artists seeking to have the medium of photography recognised as an art form on an equal footing with painting and sculpture. Galleri Image was the first photographic gallery in Scandinavia, and for many years the only one of its kind in Denmark.