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The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography VOL. 2


The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography VOL. 2
Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili
Erica Allen
Ben Alper
Elizabeth Atterbury
Clint Baclawski
Flemming Ove Bech
Claire Beckett
Mathieu Bernard-Reymond
Eric Bessel
Magda Biernat
Lucas Blalock
Ryan Boatright
Paul Bobko
Andrey Bogush
Katharina Bosse
Brian Buckley
Christian Chaize
Elizabeth Chiles
Daniel W. Coburn
Christopher Colville
Helen Maurene Cooper
Joy Drury Cox
John Cyr
Erin Desmond
Beatriz Diaz
Maureen Drennan
Amy Eckert
Adam Ekberg
Sam Falls
Brad Farwell
Maria L. Felixmuller
Jill Frank
Andy Freeborn
Michael Gailard
Matthew Gamber
Gigi Gatewood
Christopher Gianunzio
Sarah Girner
Wendy Given
Maury Gortemiller
Peter Granser
Kris Graves
Joshua Dudley Greer
Matt Gunther
Stephanie Halmos
Sharon Harper
Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Hyers + Mebane
Nicola Kast
Emily Keegin
Ryan J. Kellman
Grace Kim
Anna Krachey
Jessica Labatte
Yvonne Lacet
Erika Larsen
Gillian Laub
Deana Lawson
David Leventi
Amy Lonbard
Rita Maas
Katarzyna Majak
Charlott Markus
Aspen Mays
Avery McCarthy
Paula McCartney
Aaron McElroy
Casey McGonagle
Jeff McLane
Monika Merva
Samuel Morgen
Rachelle Mozman
Tricia Lawless Murray
Yamini Nayar
Nancy Newberry
Lizzy Oppenheimer
Georg Partien
Jennifer Ray
Julian Roder
Irina Rozovsky
Adam Schreiber
Tina Schula
Robin Schwartz
David Benjamin Sherry
Emily Shur
Mickey Smith
Kristopher Stallworth
Kate Steciw
Youngsuk Suh
Bill Sullivan
Jordan Tate
Kirsten Kay Thoen
Kevin Thrasher
Millee Tibbs
Corinne Vionnet
Nathaniel Ward
Gregory Wasserstrom
Eric Whithe
Ann Woo
Tereza Zelenkova
Humble Arts Foundation


216 pages
236×273 mm
ISBN: 978-0-97964-251-7
For the second time, Humble Arts Foundation is introducing a diverse group of fresh and innovative emerging art photographers to the mainstream photography market. This is consistent with the foundation’s modus operandi of discovering unknown talent and presenting it to collectors and curators as well as museum, gallery and other art professionals. Meeting the needs of the broad-based clientele that makes up today’s photography market, the book publishes an array of contemporary photographers whose interests range from technical experimentation with light to more conceptual approaches. These artists explore identity issues and a spectrum of topics related to current intellectual, cultural, artistic, and social discourse. In addition to a myriad of subjects, the book also includes a variety of scales, printing processes, and sources of inspiration.

It is always a thrill to discover new artists and respond to their work in unexpected ways. The selections here will undoubtedly evoke a wide range of reactions. For novice collectors, the book will offer an opportunity to view different photographic practices that can assist them with deciding on a genre of interest. In the case of seasoned collectors, it will serve as an update on the latest artists. In either circumstance, The Collector’s Guide functions similar to a Rorschach test with different images exercising a gravitational pull, summoning various ideas, thoughts, or memories. Perhaps you will reminisce about prom night after viewing Sarah Girner’s image of a gown from decades past, or feel engulfed by a pleasant memory from a forgotten beach vacation upon seeing Paul Bobko’s photographs of breaking waves. Daniel Cobrun’s photographs of models striking poses they find sexy make me smile. What viewers will surely walk away with is the undeniable power of the photographic medium.

The photographs presented in this volume are more accessible to the viewer than they might be in a gallery or museum setting. Among these great selections some stars twinkle bright. The market, however, as the last ten years have illustrated, can be capricious, and who among this new crop of talented photographers will stand the test of time is anyone’s guess. Therefore, I warmly invite you, the viewer, to decide. It does not matter whether this is your first photography book or your one-thousandth. Your opinion matters as much as the next person’s, and for that very reason, I urge you to trust your own intuition and believe in your own impeccable eye. I have learned that a genuine collector is not one who amasses photographs, but, rather, one who learns how to read them.

Based in New York City and Seattle, Humble serves the international photography community through exhibitions, grant making, publishing, educational programming and community building.