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Switzerland vs. The World

120 pages
22.5 x 19cm
ISBN: 978-2940440-06-1

Faithful friends of Switzerland, this project wants to tell the story of the unique visual match between Switzerland and the rest of the world. Red Rivella flows in your veins like it does in ours, and Cenovis keeps your joints well oiled. You are the children of Sempach, courageous and stouthearted, and mere mention of the Habsburg dynasty gives you hives. Like William Tell, you would shoot an arrow through the heart of anyone who would dare jeopardize 700 years of direct democracy, and like Winkelried, you find that the arrogance of the mighty is a bitter pill to swallow. You think that the mafia is the national dish of Italy and that the word ‘strike’ was invented by the New York Yankees to demoralize their competition. And even when you listen to Wagner, you have no desire to invade Poland or annex Austria. On the other hand, you know that Ovomaltine and Ragusa are not contagious diseases. In a nutshell, you have a Swiss soul. And, like us, you think that all those recent attacks against Switzerland were motivated by chocolate-envy. Nobody gave us a second thought during two world wars while the rest of Europe was tearing out each other’s guts, and now, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t find a new reason to pick on us : bank secrecy, the minaret law, the HSBC Affair, the UBS Affair, the Polanski Affair, the Kadafi Affair… Poor Switzerland. The time when we were a model for the entire world, exchanging Japanese tourists for Toblerones, is a thing of the past. Having begat the Red Cross, Bircher Muesli and Jean-Luc Godard is no longer enough. The battle cry has finally sounded. Our opponents are formidable, but we must remember the lessons of Morgarten : “ It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog ”. The Swiss teams are ready on all fronts to defend their honor. Gentle Switzerland rises from the ashes of neutrality and counterattacks. Long live Switzerland!