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Subverting the (un)Conventional

Subverting the UnconventionalSubverting the (un)Conventional
Cynthia Greig
Oakland University Art Gallery


72 pages
260×220 mm
ISBN: 978-0-92585-952-5


Published  to accompany an exhibition in Oakland University Art Gallery, Spring 2011, curated by Dick Goody.

Cynthia Greig is a visual artist living and working in metropolitan Detroit. “Cynthia Greig has shown her photographs nationally and internationally in numerous solo exhibitions most recently at the Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam, DNJ Gallery, Los Angeles, and the UNO Art Space, Stuttgart. Her work is represented in major collections including the George Eastman House International Center for Photography, Rochester, NY; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and the Coleçao Foto Arte/Arte 21, Brasilia. This is her first solo project in Michigan and spans two decades of work.

A conceptual artist, Greig uses the authority of photography to challenge conventions of image making about gender, identity and truth. Whether exploring nineteenth century mores as a reflection of our own conformity, or testing the limits of appropriation, ideology, or respectability, her work is often embedded in autobiography or its fictional antithesis.Her provocative photographs demonstrate the undermining eye of her underlying antiauthoritarianism, which is inherent in all her work.
Greig’s artistic practice divides her interests into discrete bodies of work. She fuses conventions and anti-conventions into a revealing and intriguing view of how both can be subverted and manipulated to change attitudes, raise questions about the truth of an image, and challenge assumptions about what is real, what is desirable, and what is false.”
– Dick Goody (Associate professor of Art in Oakland University’s Department of Art and Art History. Director of the Oakland University Art Gallery and curator of the Oakland University Art Collection.)
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