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Studio Visit

Studio Visitarton250
Tim Maul
Onestar Press


148 pages
140×220 mm
ISBN: Not available


Historically, artists studios in Manhattan range from cavernous silver factories to rented rooms where dust breeds.This photographic tour allows us to scrutinize an artists ’workspace’ in the absence of both the artist and art. An obsessive portrait in pictures imposes a narrative where we ’visit’ and ’look’ and possibly find evidence that a book cannot be judged by its cover. 

Tim Maul is an artist and critic living in New York City. He studied painting at The New York School of Visual Arts from 1969-73. Since that time he has worked with photography as a medium that elevates impulse, provides personal orientation, and produces narrative.

Onestar Press is dedicated to the production of books and multiples by artists. The space and freedom given to artists, the flexibility in the realisation of their concepts, the access to and use of new technologies have allowed Onestar Press to collaborate with international artists on a variety of projects.