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strond room

Strong Room
Roelof Bakker & Jane Wildgoose
Negative Press


48 pages
210×148.5 mm
ISBN: 978-0-95738-281-7


Strong Room is a collaboration between London-based artists Roelof Bakker and Jane Wildgoose. Photographs of traces of past human activity are used as inspiration for writing about the loss of the tangible experience and the lack of physical presence in the digital world. The historical and academic importance of paper-based archives are explored as well as their potential to prompt the imagination and evoke memories.

The photographs in Strong Room are of three separate spaces at Hornsey Town Hall, a grade II listed modernist building in north London not in public use since the late 1980s.

Roelof Bakker is a photographer and publisher based in London.
Jane Wildgoose works across a wide range of disciplines exploring the values, narratives, and memories that become attached to remains of all kinds.

Negative Press, London initiates and publishes collaborations in print, with each publication having a unique editorial approach and design.